Stitch Corporation

Hand Made Upholstery Done By The Finest Artisans

If you're looking for a real handcrafted upholstery project done by Old World artisans then you've come to the right place. Since its inception Stitch Corporation has had an uncompromising commitment to quality work. Providing reliable service, attention to details, and the straight forward values that their customers have come to expect. 

I won't say what the final cost of building this Cuda was, but I can say that you could buy one helluva house with that dough. This vehicle took years to complete and Chip left nothing out on this one. It showcased everything that he had learned in his career up to that point. He asked us to join him in the build and of course we weren't gonna say no. Chip had sculpted the rear panels to wrap completely around the interior and including the doors. We used only the finest materials available such as Garrett Leather, German low plush carpets with leather bindings, and Ultrasuede for the headliner, which was fabricated to mimmic the factory headliner using the original bows. Little details like moving the front wheels forward 4 inches (Which was no little feat by any stretch of the imagination) That 4 inches costs more than the average luxury sedan. But when the car was completed and sitting next to a stock Cuda, you could clearly see that it sat much better with the change. The wheels were at the time Foose one of a kind rims, the paint was mixed by Foose himself, and interior was done by those amazing guys at Stitchcorp.......... Shameless plug, what can I say. Enjoy salivating over these photos.