Stitch Corporation

Hand Made Upholstery Done By The Finest Artisans

If you're looking for a real handcrafted upholstery project done by Old World artisans then you've come to the right place. Since its inception Stitch Corporation has had an uncompromising commitment to quality work. Providing reliable service, attention to details, and the straight forward values that their customers have come to expect. 

This was a somewhat quick build that we did for BDG. It unfortunately became a bit of a strain for us due to the fact that the factory matching seat covers were not gonna be available for 4-5 months.  The vinyl manufacturer seem to overlook a reorder on that color. We managed to pull off a solution by digging into the Garrett Leather book and finding this Pearlescent Blue super soft leather in a slightly lighter shade, but one that really complimented the factory parts. This interior will soon be available for purchase, call for availability.