Stitch Corporation

Hand Made Upholstery Done By The Finest Artisans

If you're looking for a real handcrafted upholstery project done by Old World artisans then you've come to the right place. Since its inception Stitch Corporation has had an uncompromising commitment to quality work. Providing reliable service, attention to details, and the straight forward values that their customers have come to expect. 

Heres a real rare car that comes from Great Britain and is of a chain driven configuration. Four massive chains drive the rear axle to propel the vehicle forward. It looks kinda primitive but it seems to work just fine. This car was pretty rough when we got our hands on it, as seen in the before shots above. Many, many man hours were put into fabricating this interior. We used Katzkin Tuscany leather hides for the seating and trim and  German square weave for the flooring. Its been asked of us a few times by a number of people over the years "Why did you use a newer appearance leather or material and not something vintage?" The answer to that question is, "Because we don't have to" Our client will tell us when its to be a period correct interior, in which case we will do just that. But here's the thing with our customer. He doesn't sell cars, he just buys them, and drives them. He drives every last one of them and never intends to sell them. So when it comes time to decide what materials and design to go with we will always acomidate his wishes. Most of the time he leaves it up to me to come up with the colors, design, and the materials. Trust is a 5 letter word my friends.