Stitch Corporation

Hand Made Upholstery Done By The Finest Artisans

If you're looking for a real handcrafted upholstery project done by Old World artisans then you've come to the right place. Since its inception Stitch Corporation has had an uncompromising commitment to quality work. Providing reliable service, attention to details, and the straight forward values that their customers have come to expect. 

If you're not familiar with this car than you're missing out on a real treat. This is one of our client's favorite, most comfortable vehicles. Its the much beloved Citroen from France, and was lovingly restored to its glory days. It took us about a year to convince the owner that we could without a doubt replicate the interior to a "T". He was afraid that he would loose the comfort of the seating with its seat suspension system and honeycomb seat foam buns, as well as the feel of the buttery soft leather. The original carpets were made with a thick foam foundation for an at home feel. (Hell, my carpets don't feel this plush) We were able to salvage some of the seat foams and augment them with new seat foam material. We used Garret leather for all the trim and seating surfaces and used a German plush carpet with matching leather bindings. We also replaced the headliner too. I think that you'd agree that seeing the before shots, and then seeing the finished product, our client was extremely happy with the outcome.